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Enabling the Global Deployment of

Transformative Technologies 

Innovation is everywhere

IPRD Group Intellectual Property enables

Intellectual Property enables

Intellectual Property


Deployment is a process


Successfully navigating the intellectual-property landscape from the dual perspectives of freedom-to-operate and assertion-of-rights enables the deployment of capabilities while incentivizing sustained innovation. Intellectual property comprises patents, software, hardware, processes, and other technology components from multiple disciplines that meet the needs of deployment.

Research that leverages innovation developed outside traditional organizational and disciplinary boundaries is key to the development of solutions that overcome technical, logistical, cultural, and other barriers in order to enable deployment.

Deployment occurs when the benefits of advanced capabilities are realized. It involves the definition of metrics-for-success, component specification, system design, system development, pilot implementation, system refinement, phased full implementation, provision of training and support processes as needed, development of prototypical business models that incentivize, and transition to partners capable of scaled and sustained deployment worldwide.

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