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About IPRD Group

IPRD Group, LLC was founded by Dr. Keith Hanna in August 2015 with the vision of enabling the global deployment of transformative technologies using untapped intellectual property and research sourced worldwide.

About Dr. Keith Hanna

From 2005-2015 Dr. Hanna was a board member and Chief Technology/Innovation Officer at EyeLock Corporation, a company he co-founded to enable the global deployment of iris recognition. EyeLock is now a leading biometric provider with major commercialization partners worldwide, including Stanley Security Solutions, Wistron NeWeb Corporation, and Voxx International Corporation. Voxx, a global manufacturer and supplier of consumer electronics products, acquired a controlling interest in EyeLock Corporation in August 2015.


Previously, he held various positions at Sarnoff Corporation including Group Head, Vision Systems. He co-founded several Sarnoff spin-off companies and embedded within them for over 3 years.


He received a B.A. in Engineering Sciences and a D.Phil in Medical Image Processing and Computer Vision, from Oxford University.

IPRD Group CEO Dr. Keith Hanna
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